Faculty Grievance Committee Minutes April 30, 2012

Faculty Grievance Committee

1: 15 PM, April 30, 2012, Merkert 212


In attendance: Joe Tecce, Michael Clarke, Lynn Johnson, Robin Wood, Pamela Grace, Ray Maddoff


  1. Prof. Clarke reported on his discussion with the Provost on 4/24/12 about the FGC’s recommendation regarding salary equity grievance brought by three senior faculty in a professional school.


  1. The minutes for the following dates were discussed and approved as noted:
    1. April 13, 2011, approved following deletion of appendix.
    2. January 19, 2012, approved
    3. February 14, 2012, approved


  1. The following additions were made to the FGC’s standard procedures:
    1. If there is no response after 30 days following the delivery of an FGC recommendation, the FGC chair will write a letter requesting a response as to the status of the action on the recommendation.
    2. The FGC will send out its annual report to the faculty in May of 2012.
    3. Digital copies of the minutes, procedures and annual reports of the FGC will be passed on between chairs.


  1. The FGC will request that the Provost’s Office post the minutes and annual report of the FGC on the University’s website.  Should that not be possible, the FGC will request that these be posted by the BC chapter of the AAUP.


  1. Professor Clarke indicated that he would be away beginning in July on a research sabbatical prior to retirement, so that a new chair would be needed.  Professor Ray Madoff was elected FGC chair beginning on July 1, 2012.


  1. A request for consideration of a grievance regarding the conversion of a full-time adjunct position to a tenure track position, thereby terminating a full-time adjunct faculty member, was discussed in some depth as to its impact on academic freedom at the university.  The FGC concluded that, while its members would have preferred to consider the grievance, the University Statutes did not provide for the FGC to consider grievances from adjunct or contingent faculty.


  1. The FGC noted both the lack of a grievance procedure for contingent faculty, and the increasing number of contingent part- and full-time faculty, which includes many who are senior in terms of their years of service at BC.  The unanimous consensus of the FGC was that the University should adopt a grievance procedure for part- and full-time (adjunct or contingent) faculty.


The meeting adjourned at 2:48 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Michael J Clarke, 5/1/12

Minutes approved by e-mail, 5/15/12

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