Proposal for Faculty Committee for Faculty Handbook

Proposal for Faculty Committee for Faculty Handbook

At the February 27, 2014 PAC meeting, on behalf of BCAAUP, Susan Michalczyk presented a brief statement on the relevance of a faculty committee for the Handbook and respectfully asked that the Provost Advisory Council acknowledge the need for a standing Faculty Handbook Committee (comprised of three faculty serving staggered two-year terms) and work with our BCAAUP advocacy chapter to establish such a committee in keeping with best practices at Research I universities for shared governance.


We believe that it is quite possible for BCAAUP, in continuing to collect information and monitor changes, to explore options with the existing faculty governance structure in CSON or the FCC, and eventually the A&S Faculty Senate (elections planned for fall 2014), so as to have an effective Faculty Committee for the Faculty Handbook. We (BCAAUP) have devoted a great deal of time reviewing best practices for shared governance at Research I universities, as well as researching the importance of having such a committee at Boston College, given the absence of a university-wide Faculty Senate. We include below some examples of standing Faculty Handbook Committees from colleagues at Jesuit and Catholic universities.

We encourage our faculty to consider the importance of a standing faculty committee and voice their support of this proposal to their PAC representatives before the March 27, 2014 PAC meeting.

Provost Advisory Council: faculty representatives

Katherine Gregory (CSON)
Danny Willis (CSON)

Betty Blythe (GSSW)
Linnie Green Wright (GSSW)

Lillie Albert (LSOE)
Laura O’Dwyer (LSOE)

Jim Gips (CSOM)
Sam Graves (CSOM)

James T. Bretzke, S.J. (STM)
Theresa O’Keefe (STM)

Mark Brodin (Law School)
Judith Tracey (Law School)

Anthony Annunziato (Biology)
Can Erbil (Economics)
Susan Michalczyk (A&S Honors)
Cy Opeil, SJ (Physics)
Devin Pendas (History)
Min Song (English)

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