The BCAAUP chapter is in its third year of activism, continuing to advocate for all faculty and graduate students. Established as an advocacy chapter in January 2010, BCAAUP now has over 120 members (tenured and tenure track, non-tenure track and grad students) and interest and membership continue to grow. BCAAUP responds to concerns raised by faculty on issues including academic freedom and tenure, governance, grievance and compensation and continues to engage the administration in on these matters in order to improve communication and transparency on all levels across the university.

It is common practice for Faculty Senates and AAUP chapters to work together to represent the interests of faculty.  While maintaining its support for a Faculty Senate at BC, BCAAUP has established itself as a visible presence across the university, with yearly updates to all faculty, with a website that provides information and allows for exchanges of ideas, with members elected to many of the university committees, with reports on governance and sponsorship of yearly faculty surveys. In addition, BCAAUP responds to issues of importance as they arise, allowing faculty opportunities to collaborate in solidarity.

Members of the chapter began representing Boston College at state and national AAUP meetings in February 2010 and each year continue participating in conferences on a range of topics such as Shared Governance and the State of Higher Education. BCAAUP, since June 2012, is also represented on the national AAUP Executive Council by Susan Michalczyk, 2nd Vice-President, AAUP. For nearly a century, the AAUP has remained committed to advancing academic freedom and shared governance, defining fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and ensuring higher education’s contribution to the common good.

Membership in the American Association of University Professors, along with participation in our Boston College chapter, brings recognition of each member’s professional status. Given the reality of the challenges facing our faculty, and in the absence of any official faculty governing body, BCAAUP continues to make inroads in our commitment to our faculty as together we strive to uphold the principles of academic freedom and to maintain the highest standards of our profession. We hope you will consider joining our chapter and becoming a member of AAUP. To do so please go to the AAUP membership site.




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