BCAAUP aims to provide information to support all faculty members to engage in research and to educate the students at Boston College.

Woods School Summer Session Template 2013
The 2013 Summer Session through the Woods College of Advancing Studies, is implementing a standard syllabus template for all courses. A key item included on the syllabus template is the Mission Statement, as explained in the paragraph below and then included in the standard syllabus template which follows.

Boston College Mission Statement: As mission and identity become a greater focus in Catholic and Christian Universities it has become clear that many students (upwards of 80% in some reports) do not know what the mission of the University is and many faculty have only a vague sense of it. Providing the mission statement on each syllabus and mentioning it as it relates to your course helps students not only to become familiar with it but to understand how it actually impacts the academic life and your discipline.

BCAAUP Faculty Senate Faculty Handbook Petition Statement

Resolution 1 BCAAUP supports the formation of an independent University Faculty Senate. BCAAUP will sponsor the election of members of this Senate and continue to function as a voice of concerned faculty. 

Resolution 3 It is essential that the Faculty Handbook reflect the concerns of the faculty. BCAAUP shall establish a committee to review the University Faculty Handbook with the University on semi-annual basis. 


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