Woman devastated by disastrous botched hairdo – but hairdresser thinks it’s ok

Many people would argue that the best thing about lockdown restrictions being lifted is being able to have a little pamper session at the hairdressers. No more roots down to our ears!

So, you can imagine how horrified you would be if you headed back to the salon, only to have the hairdresser completely butcher your locks with a horrific botched hair dye job.

A woman on TikTok claims this is exactly what happened to her when she asked her hairdresser for some subtle blonde highlights and balayage.

The TikToker, called Brenda shared a photo of the stunning hairstyle she had actually asked for, but sadly it was a far cry from the hairdo she received.

Instead, she was given patchy, brassy bleach blonde hair with wonky, unblended roots that don’t resemble balayage in any way, shape or form.

Brenda confirmed in the caption that the hairdo was in fact done by a professional, who had claimed to have done balayage before, adding that she complained and got her money back, as well as reporting the hairdresser who made the blunder.

When a fellow hairdresser commented on the video saying they’d never ever let a client leave the salon looking like that, Brenda responded: “I really couldn’t believe she thought this was okay. And then she said I should’ve let her fix it??? And end up bald? No ma’am.”

In the end, she was forced to seek out help from another hairdresser to help fix the mess, and she had to have several inches of dead hair cut off after it was badly damaged by the bleach.

The clip, which has been liked more than 315,000 times, has been inundated with comments from people horrified by the state her hair was left in.

“It’s the fact that the hairdresser actually said she knew how to do balayage that gets me. If you don’t know how to, don’t offer the service,” one user commented.

Another added: “As a hairstylist I don’t even know how someone could mess it up so bad!”