Jealous girlfriend messages woman on Yelp over ‘flirty’ review of waiter

It’s not always easy to do, but relationships must be built on trust, with each partner allowed to flourish independently.

Unfortunately, some people find themselves getting too involved for their own good.

One woman was left shocked after a jealous girlfriend contacted her to complain about a review she had left for her waiter boyfriend.

The woman, named Antonia, shared what happened at the restaurant on TikTok, where it went viral.

“So we were all just at a restaurant and the waiter asked all of us to write a review on Yelp and mention his name in it,” she explained.

“So I did, it was pretty funny, I wrote ‘thank you, Ira our king’. But then I get a message on Yelp twenty minutes later.”

The review said: “Love the atmosphere. Pretty good drinks, nice food menu. Ira? My king. Love you. Xoxo”

Ira’s unimpressed girlfriend then sent her a message on the app, asking her to remove the “inappropriate” review.

‘I saw your review for my boyfriend Ira and I don’t really appreciate what you said calling him your king etc.

“I felt like it was inappropriate and a comment about his services would have sufficed.

“I don’t know if he gave you some kind of impression or was flirting etc but I’d like to know.

“If not, then if you don’t mind editing the review or writing a new one that would be great. Thank you.”

The woman replied, assuring her that there was “nothing to worry about” and that staff were having a competition to see who could get the most reviews that night.

The woman apologised, as she responded: “It wasn’t about writing one, it’s about how it was written and perceived.

“But if it’s nothing, I apologise and enjoy the rest of your night.”

In the video, Antonia said: “This is the rest of our conversation, I didn’t want to be like…you’re f crazy.

“Imagine going on Yelp to look at your boyfriend’s restaurant and messaging someone from a review within 20 minutes.”

Her view racked up thousands of views and sparked a debate in the comments.

“Am I the only one that thinks it’s not crazy or? Like she expressed her concern calmly?” wrote one.

Another agreed, adding: “She clearly and calmly expressed her concerns/feelings in a non-threatening way, she apologised too.”

But others disagreed, as one replied: “She’s going to wind up getting him fired and that would not have sufficed.”

“Listen if some girl called my boyfriend a king and said love you, I might be annoyed too but the fact that she saw and messaged you is next level, added one.